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The primary objectives of this initiative (GreenLight Initiative) include:

1. Energy Saving Solutions

There are several measures that can be taken to reduce electricity consumption, and thereby improving your energy efficiency. Typical examples include solar water heating, LED lighting, and using energy efficient appliances.
The GRA therefore looked for suppliers that can provide:

  • Energy audits to determine current electricity consumption, and recommend solutions for improving energy efficiency;
  • and supply and/or installation of energy efficiency solutions, e.g. LED lighting, solar water heating systems.

2. Alternative Energy Solutions

Residential PV (photovoltaic) solar systems for own use electricity generation and storage is becoming more common, acceptable and affordable. Development in this industry now also allows for these residential PV solar systems to be linked into “micro grids” allowing communities to become self-sufficient and collectively reduce their dependency on utilities like ESKOM.
The GRA therefore looked for residential PV solar systems that are:

  • customisable and scalable (i.e. provide options for various household requirements from very basic to large households),
  • offer best value for money (i.e. cost of installation versus return on investment from savings realised), and
  • are able to be integrated into a micro grid system

The GRA engaged with several suppliers and Systems Integrators (SI’s) to find systems that comply with the above criteria, and negotiate pricing based on potential volume uptake by Greenside residents.

A preferred SI was identified by the GRA committee based on specific selection criteria, the value proposition and pricing offered by SI’s and suppliers.

We will “officially” launch the GreenLight initiative in early 2016 through a social media and community meeting information campaign, including:

The big picture, including:

  • The importance and benefits of energy saving initiatives, and
  • Energy saving and efficiency tips and solutions

Alternative energy solutions for home owners, including

  • What are residential solar-PV systems, and how does it work,
  • What are Micro-grid systems, how does it work and the GRA intent/objectives for Parks area, and
  • Solar and alternative water heating systems, and how does it work.
  • Important factors when considering residential solar-PV and/or alternative water heating systems
  • Review and vetting process of potential SI’s
  • Recommended SI for the GreenLight initiative

Please keep an eye on the GRA website, the Greenside Residents Association facebook page and community WhatsApp groups for more information early in the new year.

In the interim you can assist us with a preliminary survey to determine the interest in energy efficiency and PV solar systems by completing the GreenLight survey.
Click here to complete the survey.

For any queries related to the GreenLight initiative, or if you can get involved as a street captain or on the GRA sub-committee please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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