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GRA Constitution Review


The Constitution of the GRA is the foundation and guideline for the activities of the organisation, its members, and representatives (committee and sub-committee members).

To ensure that the Constitution remains relevant and up to date the process to be conducted every 5 years should include:

- review and updating for applicable legislative and regulatory changes;

- review and updating of "policies and procedures" in line with current requirements and trends, e.g. code of conduct, duties of office bearers, finances, management, membership, meetings and voting, etc.; and

- review of updating of Constitution as a legal document.


The last review was done in 2011/12, and the latest process was completed in 2017 following the below processes.

Phase 1: Internal Review

- Internal (committee) review of the existing Constitution in terms of the above criteria.

- Review and collation of EXCO inputs, and preparation of proposed draft Constitution for external legal review.

- This phase was completed in October 2016.

Phase 2: External Review

- External legal review of proposed draft Constitution prepared by the GRA EXCO.

- Review of external legal input, and preparation of proposed draft Constitution for public review and comments.

- This phase was completed in December 2016.

Phase 3: Public Comments

- Public review and comments.

- Review if public comments and inputs, and preparation of final draft Constitution for ratification and GRA general meeting.

- This phase was completed by 20 February 2017.

Phase 4: Ratification

- Validating and acceptance of the proposed amendments to the Constitution by GRA members.

- Subscribed members of the GRA to vote on acceptance at a general meeting of the GRA.

- This phase was completed at a Special General Meeting of the GRA on 22 February 2017.


For the GRA Constitution which was accepted at the Special General Meeting on the 22nd February 2017, click here.