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GRA response to Emmarentia Development

The GRA is in a difficult position on this matter at this time for a number of reasons, including (but not limited to): i.) possible legal action by the developer RE statements made by community members/representatives, and ii) (unfortunate) minority of the Greenside community that areactively/continuously supporting the GRA.

Hence, the GRA (specifically the executive committee) had to take this matter in review, including obtaining legal advice, on risk and exposure to EXCO members - notwithstanding provisions in the GRA constitution to represent and advance the interests of the greater Greenside community.

Perhaps this event (and the seriousness thereof) will cause Greenside residents to become more involved and actively support the residents association, thereby empowering the GRA to represent their views and act on their behalf to advance their interests.

For any queries on the above, please contact the Chairperson and/or Deputy Chairperson directly via e-mail (details are available on the GRA website at www.lovegreenside.org).

Posted for and on behalf of the GRA executive committee by the Deputy Chairperson.

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