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What is the Greenside Residents Association

The GRA is a not-for-profit association, which takes on the form of a body corporate or universitas with its own distinctive legal personality. The association consists of an Executive Committee that is headed by a chairperson, who in turn is supported by the Vice Chairperson, Administration Officer, Treasurer and Sub-Committee Managers.

Sub-Committees are Portfolios on the GRA that are tasked with managing key functional areas of the Association, such as Urban Management and Security. There are also Sub-Committees that support the actual functioning of the Executive Committee, such as the Membership- and Communications Sub-Committees respectively. Each Sub-Committee needs to be managed effectively in order meet the objectives of the GRA and protect the interests of the suburb as a whole.

The GRA acts as a community mediator and intra-stakeholder facilitator. We assist in settling disputes between residents, investigate complaints relating to transgressions of by-laws and applicable government policies and also channel formal complaints to the relevant law enforcement agencies.

The benefit of belonging to a Residents’ Association is immeasurable. It is the only way in which a collective opinion can be furthered and is also the only way in which a number of residents can effectively have their interests represented.

Every person serving on the GRA is a volunteer who dedicates his or her private time to try and address issues within the suburb. We rely solely on membership subscriptions to fund the activities of the GRA that are within its mandate – which ultimately amounts to Serving the Community.

Every business and every resident can play their part in helping to make Greenside:

Greenside Residents Association